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Why We Do What We Do

We believe in the value of work done well. We find fulfillment in creating excellent buildings that will last for many years, serving many people. We love competition, from the softball field to the construction site, outdoing ourselves and each other while pulling together in a positive and exciting way to get your project done efficiently and professionally. We are accustomed to the hours it takes to do this job and thoroughly understand the benefits of a good cup of coffee! Let us put our positivity and energy to work for you. We look forward to it!

-The Golden Rule Team

Golden Rule does great work! They constructed a building for my landscape company and now I’m having them do another building for an indoor climate control RV storage. Great people to work with!

Tim Brown

CEO Olympic Lawn and Landscape, Inc.

Frequently asked questions

Are building colors customizable?

We have a wide selection of premium quality metal colors to choose between. We are more than happy to assist you in finding your ideal color!

What should I expect with a Golden Rule metal building?

With a Golden Rule building, you can rest assured that the building will be tailored to fit your needs. We strive to complete our projects with the  most quality materials and professional craftsmanship, as well as integrity and honesty. 

Should I have a roof vapor barrier?

We highly recommend vapor barrier on all of our roofs. Without vapor barrier, you run the risk of having condensation drips on your belongings. The vapor barrier we use is reflective on one side, and is very effective at eradicating those annoying drips that occur due to temperature changes.

Do I need soffit overhangs on my building?

The purpose of soffit overhangs are largely aesthetic (they can really help a building stand out), but not completely. Soffit overhangs also serve an important ventilation purpose, in addition to routing water off of the building foundation.

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